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Which flat to choose - primary or secondary market?

Buying a flat obliges future owners to make a number of different decisions. One of them is choice between real estate from the primary or secondary market. This dilemma is absolutely justified and not easy to unravel. Both solutions have advantages, but are not without disadvantages.

Primary market: new apartment from the developer.
On the primary market, you can buy a new apartment from a developer: one that we will be the first tenants of. They are very often sold at an early stage of implementation. Another option is the possibility of picking up the premises which are finished "turnkey", i.e. ready to move. Apartments from the primary market are popular among people who want to adjust the size to their own needs, are interested in an attractive location and appreciate modern construction. The primary market offers great flexibility. As the first buyers, we get the chance to see more premises, and individual needs can be met even before the contract is drawn up. The developer, especially at an early stage of implementation, is ready to make some concessions, for example in terms of interior design. The turnkey option releases buyers from the obligation to control the finishing - everything is handled by the investor. The disadvantage may be the waiting time for a new apartment - especially if we decide to buy at an early stage of implementation. Once we get access to the premises, we should prepare for finishing works (shell), which involves additional costs. In addition, the premises find buyers very quickly, so if we are thinking about a dream apartment, we should not waste time.

Secondary market: used premises immediately.
On the secondary market, we are dealing with so-called second hand. It is difficult to characterize them unambiguously because they differ in terms of finish, technical condition and price. It is much more difficult to determine their condition - it is not the developer who controls the sale, but the private owner or the cooperative. We can meet with offers for major renovation or those that are relatively new.

The undoubted advantage of the secondary market is the price - usually lower than on the primary market. Accessibility also speaks in favor of choosing such a solution. If we do not have a large amount of cash or have not received a mortgage in the amount we expected, we can always verify the needs and change the criteria. Great flexibility is another advantage, especially in terms of location. In fact, the search for a place can be limited to only one feature, such as size or type of construction (block, tenement house).

Defects? Additional costs generated by renovation when the apartment does not meet our expectations. In addition, the search for a second-hand property can be quite time-consuming - it will take a few weeks before we find the perfect place or review our needs anew. As members of the cooperative, we will be obliged to pay the rent or contribute to the renovation fund. Changing the interior design is another cost to be reckoned with when buying an apartment from the secondary market.

Primary or Secondary: What Decision Will You Make? Before signing the contract for the purchase of real estate, it is worth considering all the pros and cons, so as not to regret the decision made once. So what kind of apartment should you choose? First of all, those that will respond to our individual needs. It is worth remembering that this place will accompany us for the coming years. Let it be a well-thought-out choice that we will not regret even for a moment!

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